Peiyu Tsai

PhD in Mathematics


Assistant Professor


Ph.D. Mathematics, Harvard University, Cambridge MA, USA
B.S. Mathematics, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Research & Teaching

Abstract Algebra, Number Theory, Representation Theory; All levels of mathematics


She started her teaching training in 2008 under supervision of Professor Robin Gottlieb and Preceptor Jameel Al-Aidroos at Harvard University, where she received her Ph.D degree in Mathematics in 2013. She worked as a coach for students who are struggling with Calculus in 2009 and helped all of them succeed at the end of the term. In 2011, She won the Levenson Award voted by Harvard Undergraduate Student Council to one teaching fellow annually for her outstanding pedagogy and mentorship. Since then she has taught mathematics in various levels for over six years at both Harvard University and California Institute of Technology.

Her research concerns the question about finding meaningful invariants for representations of algebraic groups that can be linked to those ones arised from number theory. Such a question is known as the Langlands Correspondence and plays a crucial role in the study of solving Fermat’s Last Theorem. Her teaching specializes in interactive classroom and focuses on training students\\\ critical thinking by introducing knowledge through questions, observations, and hands-on practice.