Marcus T Anthony



Associate Professor



Ph.D, Policy Studies, University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.
B/A (Hons), University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.
Dip. Ed., University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.
CELTA, International House, Bangkok, Thailand





The Six Key Principles of Learning. How is it that we can learn most quickly and efficiently? What should we be studying now to help create a successful future, for ourselves and for society? In this talk Marcus shares his philosophy of teaching and learning. This understanding combines the science of learning with his long personal experience as a futurist, teacher and learner.

What you Need to Know about the Future. In this talk Marcus shares his understanding of Futures Studies, and what he now understands as a futurist to be the most important things we need to prepare for as the future unfolds, especially in regard to what we teach and learn now. The talk emphasizes that it is not just about predicting and preparing for the probable future that is important, but being able to adapt to things that are unexpected.



Anthony has worked in Education for twenty-five years, teaching in Australia, New Zealand, mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Anthony has held teaching or administrative positions at Trinity College, University of Melbourne; the Beijing No. 2 Foreign Language Institute; the International School of Beijing, and the University of Wales (Bangor) in Sichuan. Anthony has twice been Director of Studies and once head teacher.

He is currently the co-ordinator of the Global Talent 2050 platform, and has a commitment to understanding how the Greater Bay Area Initiative can be developed to ensure a prosperous future for the region, for China and for the world.

Anthony is a prolific writer and public speaker. He has published ten popular and academic books including Integrated Intelligence (Sense Publishers, Copenhagan). He has also published fifty academic journal papers and book chapters, including chapters in the Causal Layered Analysis Reader, and Doctoral Research in Management and Business in Hong Kong