Academic Affairs
College of Global Talents research center (CGTRC)


This is an age of globalization. China is rapidly integrating into the world, and the world is embracing China with great enthusiasm. However, globalization means not only worldwide opportunities, but also the competition from every corner of the globe. How to cultivate talents with global competitiveness to meet requirements necessitated by a future society is a question that all universities need to face and cope with.

College of Global Talents has given its own answer to the question mentioned above. Based on the successful educational models of many famous universities in the United States, CGT combines liberal arts education with business education, western civilization with Chinese traditional cultures, and the international study experience with academic study. The College of Global Talents research center (CGTRC) is a multi-disciplinary education, research, and service center. The center is intended to support College of Global Talents endeavors in whole-person education, cultural education, civic education, global & local (glocal) education, and interdisciplinary education.


The CGTRC is designed to be the dominant center for college vision: College of Global Talents will have a transformative impact on Chinese and American society and the world through inheriting and carrying forward the culture of the Chinese nation and the world and continual innovation in education. As a mission-driven nonprofit organization and think tank, the CGTRC works with policymakers, regulators, Universities, public agencies, and businesses as an expert implementation partner, effective advisor, and trusted information resource.The CGTRC is designed to achieve educational, research and professional services in scientific and technical goals by including participants and stakeholders from divergent contexts and backgrounds awho collectively possess the scientific capacity (e.g., knowledge, skills, and resources) appropriate for achieving its objectives. The CGTRC is composed of faculty from all disciplines, and numerous disciplinary backgrounds, including geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, information technology, international business, finance, accounting public policy, and computer science, etc. The CGTRC incorporates private companies and other non-academic stakeholders into its professional services, academic, practical research, and educational activities.


The CGTRC's objectives are to support the center's activities including workshops for directors, officers, and employees, seminars in all disciplines, conferences, research, publications, and curriculum innovations. Specifically, the center will:

1. Create a forum for the research, education, and discussion of emerging issues affecting investors, directors, officers, and entrepreneurs in Asia.
2. Offer seminars and workshops in all disciplines.
3. Assist CGT faculty with attending China domestic/international conference.
4. Assist CGT faculty with publishing research papers in international journals or conference papers especially for some areas. 
5. Create a forum for CGT Faculty to develop collaborative research grant proposals in interdisciplinary areas.
6. Pursue curriculum development and educational innovations in interdisciplinary areas. 
7. Become a top and high-ranked business school for teaching and research on interdisciplinary areas by 2020.