Academic Affairs
Sustainability Conference

November 11, 2017
Sino-US College


The United States' recent decision to exit the 2015 Paris Agreement, the 2015 landmark International Accord intended to combat climate change,  is expected to encourage other countries (e.g., China, the EU, India signatories) to step up providing leadership in sustainability initiatives, particularly in the environmental dimension of business sustainability including climate change and low carbon transition. Sustainability is gaining considerable attention because many of the challenges facing countries worldwide pertain to the complex issues of economic, environmental, social and governance.

Organized by the Sino-US College, this one-day conference carries the main theme of "Sustainability", which covers a wide range, such as, wastewater treatment, municipal solid waste treatment, Cleaner production technology,Sustainable Science, Technology, and Energy, Sustainable Consumption, Environmental Initiatives, Lifestyles, Mobility, and Cities, Sustainability in Economics, Business, and Management, International Governance Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Supply Chain Sustainability.Leaders from government, business practitioners, academia, research institutes, not-for-profit organizations will present their insights on guidelines, opportunities, challenges and best practices of sustainability.


The one-day conference comprises the opening ceremony of Sino-US Research Center (SURC), the Keynote Speeches and Plenary Research Paper Sessions. Keynote speakers are Dean Kevin Zhen of the Sino-US College and Professor Zabihollah (Zabi) Rezaee, University of Memphis.