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PE Office is committed to cultivate the students' physique, personality and growth in the spirit of "student-oriented" education. Embrace nature and challenge yourself through projects such as outdoor coastal projects and ice and snow projects, experience sports aesthetics, enhance self-confidence, cultivate temperament and grace through projects such as dance, fitness and yoga, experience the civilization contained therein through traditional sports and cultural programs , and train virtuous people both internally and externally with historical perspectives, cultivate students 'moral character of independence, responsibility, fairness and respect through the form of students' independent clubs.

In all courses and activities, we not only focus on improving the physical fitness and health of students, but also strengthen the educational function of sports. While drawing lessons from the experience and sports culture of various countries, we emphasize the role of foundation and background of traditional Chinese culture, Integrate the traditional Chinese humanistic spirit, and cultivate people who can tap their potentials through sports and realize the common physical and mental well-being of their souls.


1 Teach PE compulsory for the college freshman and sophomore, achieve physical education teaching standardization, strengthen students' knowledge of sports health, and enhance the physical and mental health of students;
2. Close contact with students to understand the interests of students, according to the college development, student preferences and needs to open courses;
3. Guide the college to organize related sports activities and competitions;
4. Encourage and support the development of student sports clubs;
5. Support college faculty sports activities;
6. Strengthen the management of sports venues and equipment so as to ensure their effective utilization;
7. Seriously do a good job of annual physical examination and data reporting work.


Bai Zhijian, Lv Congcong, Liu Jinli, Wang Nianshi, Chen Shuang


Office: Qiushi Building QC309
Service Tel: 0756-3835280; 0756-3835281