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Welcome from the Dean

Hello, and welcome to Sino-US College (SUC)!

This is an age of globalization. China is rapidly integrating into the world, and the world is embracing China with great enthusiasm. However, globalization means not only worldwide opportunities, but also that competition is increasing from every corner of the world. How to cultivate talent to stay competitive in a global environment is a question facing all universities.

SUC is our answer to that question. Based upon the successful educational models of many top universities in the United States, SUC combines liberal arts education with business education, combines American culture with Chinese culture, and combines international study experience with innovative classroom learning models. SUC recruits outstanding international faculty who prepare students to be knowledgeable and responsible global citizens serving China and the world. To help every individual student adapt quickly to the unique college life at SUC, the tutor and mentor system has been established. This system helps new students adjust to college life in terms of time management, learning skills, goal setting and other personal developmental issues.

At SUC, we foster international talents to integrate an inter-disciplinary perspective with specialized skill sets learned in each major. We are imparting not only knowledge, but also the ability to critically assess and analyze problems. We encourage innovative thinking, handling uncertainty in an uncertain world, and instill the core value of seeking life-long learning. SUC is a student-centered community where students develop the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind necessary for success in their lives and chosen professions. We work closely alongside every student here on his or her journey to success.

Let SUC be your bridge to an infinite future.

Welcome to join SUC!

Prof. Kevin Zhen
Dean, Sino-US College &
Vice President (Global Affairs), Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai