Financial Engineering

The Financial Engineering program was created in response to a new era in the finance industry, one transformed by quantitative analysis.  Our 2 + 2 Financial Engineering program is a multi-disciplinary program that combines finance, mathematics and computer science, and prepares students with the essential knowledge and skills for a career in the finance/fintech industries.

The Financial Engineering program is run in accordance with the programs at our partners Pace University and the University of Kentucky.  After two years of rigorous preparation at College of Global Talents in Zhuhai, students can transfer to prominent universities in the United States.  There they will learn the advanced skills necessary to operate on the cutting edge of finance in banks and other financial institutions around the world.  Upon graduation, qualified students will earn two Bachelor's degrees: one from Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai, and the other from one of our American partner universities.

Curriculum components:

Courses delivered in the program include the following three essential components:

  1. Financial theory and modeling;
  2. Foundations of mathematical science;
  3. Computational and programming skills.

More details can be found in the Students Handbook.